The Ingenuity Of Toeless Socks

There are so many things that nobody thinks would be useful until somebody else invents them, just like the toeless socks. Nobody thought that it would be such a hit until a nine year old girl decided to make one because she can’t find one at the store. The idea for toeless socks has caught the fashion world and the design of the young girl has become an instant hit. The girl has become a fashion sensation and rich, too. Her design was picked up and it has become a necessity, especially for women. Toeless socks for women are now stocked in department stores.

Different Types Of Toeless Socks

Toeless socks were designed because of the nine year old girl’s desire to wear socks with her flip flops. Since wearing ordinary socks with flip flops is not an option and she could not find a toeless sock at the department store she decided to make one. Now toeless socks are not just used with flip flops. It is also used for other reasons.

  • Pedicure Socks

Pedicure toeless socks are designed to give warmth to the feet during a pedicure session at your favorite nail salon. Some nails spas offer these toeless socks free for their customers while others will charge for their use.

  • Yoga Socks

It is difficult to take a grip at the mat while doing yoga so the toeless yoga socks are a very welcome accessory. It helps keep your feet warm yet your toes are free.

  • Dance Socks

After the toeless socks became available in the market, dancers have queued up to get their hand on one. This is because these toeless socks have lengths like crew socks which allows their heels to slide and also keeps it from drying out. While the heels slide, the toes are still free to grip the floor.

  • Compression Socks

The toeless compression socks are also called flip flop socks. These are like boot socks which allows you to wear flip flops even on cold weather because it keeps the feet warm.

Popular Brands

After the toeless socks have become a success, several brands have come out selling the same designed socks.

  • Freetoes – this is the brand that was founded by Katelyn, the nine year old girl fashion sensation. The designs of the toeless socks of Freetoes reflect the personality of any nine year old girl. It is colorful, whimsical and bubbly.
  • Peeky Toes – this brand on the other hand are for grown-ups. The design are more subdued and more straight cut. The colors and the designs show that these are not made for kids but for adults who want to have the comfort of socks while still have the freedom to wiggle their toes.
  • Injinji – this brand is also for adults. Its main focus is to make yoga toeless socks. The materials used in making these toeless socks are those that make sure that it does not slip easily.

Whenever you see a toeless sock, be inspired because if a nine year old girl can think of something innovative such as this then so can you.